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hundred adj : being ten more than ninety [syn: a hundred, one hundred, 100, c] n : ten 10s [syn: 100, C, century, one C, centred]

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  • , /"hVndr@d/
  • Hyphenation: hun·dred



Cardinal number

  1. The cardinal number that is the second power of ten, occurring after ninety-nine, represented in Roman numerals as C and in Arabic numerals as 100. Ordinal: hundredth.
    • a hundred, one hundred
    • nineteen hundred, one thousand nine hundred
    • hundreds of places, hundreds of thousands of faces


cardinal number 100


  • 2006 November 3, Susan Allport (guest), “Getting the skinny on fat”, Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, National Public Radio
    That has really soared over the past a [sic.] hundred years or so
  • 2008 January 21, John Eggerton (interviewee), “The FCC's New Rules for Media Ownership”, Justice Talking, National Public Radio
    it applies to only the top twenty markets in removing the ban, whereas in two thousand three the FCC was essentially proposing removing it let's say in the top a [sic.] hundred and seventy markets.


hundred (plural hundreds)
  1. A hundred-dollar bill.
  2. An administrative subdivision in southern English counties and other countries.
  3. a hundred runs scored by a batsman
    He made a hundred in the historic match.


hundred-dollar bill
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